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Mary Rosedale, PhD, PMHNP-BC, NEA-BC

Mary Rosedale, PhD, PMHNP-BC, NEA-BCMary Rosedale, PhD, PMHNP-BC, NEA-BC is an Assistant Professor at the College of Nursing, New York University with a Joint Appointment to the Department of Psychiatry, New York University Medical Center. She received her PhD from NYU in 2007 and is board certified as a psychiatric nurse practitioner and advanced nursing executive. Dr. Rosedale is an executive board member of the International Society for Neurostimulation (ISN). She completed ECT and TMS fellowships at Columbia University/New York State Psychiatric Institute. Dr. Rosedale is editor of the first psychiatric nursing journal dedicated to transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and is a member of the executive editorial board of the Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association.

Dr. Rosedale's current research is focused on providing TMS in populations with high depression comorbidity specifically, Hepatitis C patients treated with interferon therapies. Her interests include education, practice, and research in brain stimulation at basic and advanced practice in Nursing.

Dr. Rosedale received the 2009 Novice Nurse Researcher Award honoring the most promising nurse researcher from New York State. She received the American Psychiatric Nurses Foundation research award for the phenomenological study of patients who received TMS for depression. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation designated Dr. Rosedale as one of the leading future nursing faculty-scholars.


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