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Peter Bulow, MD, MFA

Peter Bulow is a graduate of the Medical Scholars Program of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, simultaneously completing an MFA in art. He piloted and ran groups for inpatients and outpatients of Covenant Hospital in Urbana while in medical school and graduate school, and spent ten months as a volunteer medical intern in Vadu, India, after medical school. Dr. Bulow completed his residency training at Mount Sinai Medical Center, NY, and a fellowship in therapeutic brain stimulation with Dr. Sarah H. Lisanby, Director of the Division of Brain Stimulation and Therapeutic Modulation at the NYSPI. He is currently an associate professor of psychiatry at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, where he is conducting clinical trials on the efficacy of novel forms of brain stimulation for the treatment of depression, as well as working with other researchers on studies involving transcranial magnetic stimulation as a therapeutic and investigational tool.


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